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Tyler Bunz blogs about the final day of Training Camp

Thursday 09.01.11 / 12:09 AM

Main Camp: Last Day

Today was the last day of main camp. Tomorrow, school starts for the young guys, and the feel of hockey season is becoming more apparent in the Arena.

First off, I’d like to send my condolences out to Wade Belak’s family and friends. He was found dead, today, in a downtown Toronto condo. Another sad story to hear about, as this is the 3rd tragedy of an NHLer this summer. RIP Wade. 

The morning started off with a pre game practice. A pretty easy ice session, with a few flow drills to start it off. After getting everyone warmed up, the coaches put us through system drills to help educate the rookies on what is expected for tonight’s game. We did a few forechecking drills, in-zone coverage drills, and some guys stayed on for powerplay. Tonight should be more of a “hockey” game rather than a “shinny” game. Everyone should be on the same page and there should be more of a meaning in the play. 

After practice we showered up and some of the older guys went out to Perkins...yet again for another pre game lunch. The staff there are starting to know us all by our nick names by now! Nonetheless; it’s a great place to eat, and the service, and people, there are always welcoming. 

I came home and got in a good pre game nap, all this hockey is starting to take its toll! Think I may be getting too old for this, haha! 

Tonight’s game is at 7 pm. Free of charge for admission, so if you’re bored in the Hat tonight, come down to watch, what should be, a good final game. A recap of the game will be up after tonight’s game!

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Player Stats
Skaters: GP G A PTS +/-
C. Sanford 18 11 13 24 7
T. Cox 17 8 15 23 10
C. Valk 18 12 9 21 5
M. Koules 18 4 6 10 -6
D. Bredo 18 1 8 9 3
T. Stanton 18 0 8 8 -3
T. Vannelli 18 2 6 8 -7
C. Butcher 18 5 1 6 -1
M. Eisenschmid 18 0 5 5 2
S. Owre 15 3 2 5 0
Goalies: W L OTL SOL Sv% GAA
M. Langhamer 9 8 0 0 0.934 2.35
N. Schneider 0 0 0 0 0.625 28.27