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Monday 08.29.11 / 09:08 AM


Today was day 1 at Medicine Hat Tigers main camp. Pretty exciting time around this hockey town. With media and fans all looking forward to another great year of hockey, and hopefully another WHL championship banner. Tradition of winning in Medicine Hat has always been apart of this city's history.

The day started off with the Top 40 Rookie game this morning, which concluded the rookie camp. This game was just the top 40 players from rookie camp, facing off against each other to impress the scouting staff one last time. You can catch the highlights at . Pretty good game, high scoring affair with some nice goals and nice saves. From what I heard the talent was pretty good at the camp. They cut down from 40 to 20 players, I believe, to bring to main camp to either compete for a spot on the team (if you’re 16) or just for some exposure and experience (if your 14-15).

Main camp started off with an introduction meeting about what the coaching staff expects and what not. Pretty brief meeting. We then split off into three teams - orange, white and black. I got the lucky draw of orange. Hopefully we can win some games with me in the pipes!

My team practiced first. Pretty basic practice. Nothing too confusing. Don’t see how it could be though, I just go out there to try and stop the little black thing! After the skate we had our fitness testing. It consisted of bench press, 20 m agility, standing long jump, chin ups, log jumps and flexibility. Always good competition to see who pumps out the most bench, or which animal can lift himself up past the bar the most with chin ups. The little guys always seem to pound out 30+ reps. Must be nice to be 100 lbs soaking wet Valk! Guys like Emerson Etem and Alex Theriau all had pretty good tests. Etem is a monster, who has a good chance of cracking the line up in Anaheim with Ducks this year.

Overall, pretty busy day, but it’s just the start. Tomorrow, each team practices once and plays one game. Hoping for a big game from Team Orange tomorrow!

Ron Wright
Hay Tyler, uncle Ron here, hope all is well with you. Can't say enough about how excited we are to se you in the big leagues. Jake and I wish you and yout team all the best in the upcomming year and beyond.
Aug 30, 2011 - 08:49 AM
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Player Stats
Skaters: GP G A PTS +/-
T. Cox 15 8 14 22 9
C. Valk 15 12 8 20 5
C. Sanford 15 8 12 20 7
M. Koules 15 4 4 8 -4
D. Bredo 15 1 7 8 3
T. Vannelli 15 1 6 7 -8
C. Butcher 15 5 1 6 -1
T. Stanton 15 0 6 6 -3
S. Owre 12 3 2 5 0
M. Eisenschmid 15 0 4 4 0
Goalies: W L OTL SOL Sv% GAA
M. Langhamer 8 6 0 0 0.936 2.22
N. Schneider 0 0 0 0 0.625 28.27