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Wednesday 08.31.11 / 09:08 AM

Main Camp : Day 3

Today started off with Team Orange facing off against Black. I started off on the bench today for the first 30 minutes, as Spencer got the nod in goal. Dubyk started for Black and Schlosser came in half way. Linden Vey got the honorary spot on my team today, something that must of taken Black off guard, as we got off to a solid 2-0 lead. But after a back and forth, run and gun type 1st period, Black scored late in the first to cut the lead to one heading into the second.

Black came out fired up, scoring 2 goals in the first 10 minutes of the second, to take the lead at the goalie switch (10 minute mark). The score was 3-2. Both starting goalies played well, Dubyk has been looking good in camp, allowing just 2 on 17 shots in the first 30 minutes.

If it was up to me I’d start every game. Coming in half way sucks-no better way to explain it. Your sweat, from warm up, has cooled on your skin and your muscles have tightened right up. So while your just starting to get into the game, the players have already played 30 minutes and are in the groove of the game. Luckily I got a few easy shots in, to help ease my way back into things. This was the case until Adam Rehak-a new Euro player- absolutely embarrassed our d man and put a great shot, low blocker, past me . Welcome to Canada kid! Thanks for lighting me up !

After a late goal by us, we cut the lead to 4-3 heading into the 3rd. We needed a big third, and we did. We came out and made it 5-4 heading into the last minute of play. The game was looking like it was over, but with 26 seconds left Team Black tied it up. Curtis Valk, the sly guy he is, posted out in front of the net and accepted a sick feed from Hunter Shinkaruk, from behind the net, and buried it to send the game to a shootout. The first two shooters for both teams missed. Our third shooter failed to score, and so it was up to the Euro, Adam Rehak, to win it. That he did. Now that I think of it.. I’m not liking this kid so much! He pulled 3 dekes within 1 second, slid the puck underneath my poke check and past my pad. Beauty of a goal. Made me look stupid! That kid’s looking to be like a great pick-up from the CHL Import Draft.

So another loss for Team Orange meant an 0-2 record through camp. Well 0-0-0-2 if you wanna be specific ( two shootout losses ). 

The game was followed up by the first player releases of main camp. From what I know, I believe only 7 cuts were made. Give or Take. The coaching staff made another two teams, with the players left in camp, and we scrimmaged tonight in a Black and White game. On paper, the teams looked pretty even, but on the ice.. well.. that was a different story. 

After a great pre-game meal at Perkins, a local breakfast restaurant and in my mind is the best place to eat, we were back at the rink for the Black and White game. I started for Team White, Dubyk started for Black. A pretty good 1st period. Fast paced, hard hitting, and a lot of good scoring chances. Boston Leier got the only goal of the period on me, shooting through/off our d-mens leg, off the post and in. Lucky..but nonetheless a good shot, from some what of a beauty player. Hopefully he doesn’t see this or it’ll go straight to his head! Haha. Dubky stopped all 15 shots he saw, and I let the 1 in on 16 shots. That was the end of the day for me and him, as we got undressed and showered up. I got my first coaching debut on Team White after I was out of the dressing room. I must say I looked pretty good out there on the bench! Made Joey Frazer look like a midget. I think my size overtook the job of head coach from him. (don’t mess with someone bigger then you!) 

The second period saw Black come out and score 3 goals to take a commanding lead. Another period of lots of chances. Kenny Cameron stopped all shots he saw for Team Black. Another good outing by him. Kale Kessy was his usual self, absolutely hammering kids. He did hit Busenius, in a questionable manner, leaving “Bus” on the ice in pain. A pretty big charlie horse as Kessy’s knee took him out. Team White tried to respond but couldn’t beat Cameron, and no one really wanted to step up to Kessy..not sure many would.

Period 3 was White’s best period. Although giving up 3 goals, we scored twice…guess that’s a little bit of a confidence booster. We could of had a lot more, bounces just weren’t going our way. My favorite part of that period was watching Lewington absolutely hammer Kessy hah.. take it and like it Kess! The game ended 7-2, but I don’t think the score was indicative of the play. A few more bounces our way and one more save for us, the game is pretty close.

I watched Sebastian Owuya quite a bit in the third and this guy is making a statement for himself to stay as one of the three overage 20 year olds this year. We have five, so there is a little bit of competition among them in camp. He played physical, made smart plays, and found the open man on his breakout passes. He looks very confident out there and a lot of guys are noticing. 

Tomorrow is the last day of camp. Each team practices in the morning to prepare for the biggest game of camp. I remember from last year that there actually was quite a bit of people that came out to watch. It’s the last chance for players to make an impression and, is usually, the best game to watch out of the whole camp. So why wouldn’t you come out! Game times at 7 pm.. info at

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Player Stats
Skaters: GP G A PTS +/-
C. Sanford 18 11 13 24 7
T. Cox 17 8 15 23 10
C. Valk 18 12 9 21 5
M. Koules 18 4 6 10 -6
D. Bredo 18 1 8 9 3
T. Stanton 18 0 8 8 -3
T. Vannelli 18 2 6 8 -7
C. Butcher 18 5 1 6 -1
M. Eisenschmid 18 0 5 5 2
S. Owre 15 3 2 5 0
Goalies: W L OTL SOL Sv% GAA
M. Langhamer 9 8 0 0 0.934 2.35
N. Schneider 0 0 0 0 0.625 28.27