AMA School Patrol


Members of the Medicine Hat Tigers will be visiting local schools to speak to students who are members of their school's Safety Patrol.  As well, students will receive lunch courtesy of Subway Restaurants.
The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) funds and coordinates the AMA School Safety Patrol program.
 AMA is proud to report an outstanding safety record over the history of the program. This excellent track record would not have been possible without the dedication of student patrollers across the province.

AMA School Safety patrollers assist younger students when crossing the street but do not direct traffic.
16,000 patrollers at 500 schools across the province monitor a total of 700 crosswalks as part of the AMA School Safety Patrol program.

The AMA celebrates June as School Safety Patrol month to recognize patrollers, teachers, police and engineers for their commitment to pedestrian safety in school zones.

 The ongoing success of the program is due to the commitment of patrollers, teachers, parents, police and the communities that work together to ensure the safety of children as they cross the street to and from school.

Since 1970, 13 AMA School Safety patrollers have received the Canadian Automobile Association/Governor General’s Lifesaving Medal for their efforts in saving children from being injured by a vehicle.

The AMA School Safety Patrol has a website at The website provides several resources including:

  • The history of the AMA School Safety Patrol program
  • A description of the duties of AMA School Safety patrollers
  • Teacher resource materials
  • StreetSmarts, an interactive learning environment with games for children of all ages
  • Information on AMA School Safety Patrol contests and awards
  • Tips and information on protecting the environment