Be Smart - Be Healthy School Program

The 2013-2014 Medicine Hat Tigers "Be Smart - Be Healthy" Program will make four visits to area schools this season. 

Members of the Medicine Hat Tigers will present the program throughout the season.  In the program's 20+ year history, over 15,000 students have experienced the Tigers BE SMART - BE HEALTHY program.

The program's objectives are to help educate students about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, help them understand the important life decisions they will need to make on a daily basis, and to influence them to set goals and be actively involved in extra-curricular activities.

The topics that will be covered during the assembly are:

• The importance of setting goals for yourself (short and long-term)
• Achieving your goals
• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (includes no tobacco, drugs or alcohol)
• Maintaining proper nutrition and keeping your body fit by exercising
• The importance of balancing school work with extra-curricular activities (work before play)
• Maintaining a positive attitude and good work ethic



The "BE SMART - BE HEALTHY" presentation includes both an interactive presentation.

Staff and students have an opportunity to ask questions and receive Tigers autographs.

Congratulations to the following schools who will be receiving the "BE SMART - BE HEALTHY " presentation this year:

  • Ross Glen School
  • Herald School
  • Vincent Massey School
  • Webster Niblock